Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Use you favorite download manager with iTunes

iTunes is an application that allow you to download videos , music from iTunes store , it's work good for downloading small size videos and music ( or if you have a fast connection ).
In may case i didn't download small size! and i don't have a fast connection too ! and iTunes doesn't support resuming downloading after pause and i don't know why (version; so my only solution is to use an external download manager that do all previous job:
*Speed up downloading files (not too much , but it's better for nothing).
*Resume pausing download .
 And in my case i am using internet download manager , and for who asking if is it possible to use other downloads managers , i tell you that i have 2 news , one is bad and other is bad !
The first bad news is : I am trying to use Jdownloader but i can't find any iTunes integrate .
The second bad news is : i am too lazy to do more searching so i am sorry !

anyway here is the steps that i use to make internet download manager download files from iTunes :

1-Open Internet Download Manager application and open its Settings by pressing ALT+D+O keys on Windows system. Now, under General tab click on Add Browser link.

2- Choose you ITunes executable file in your installed path (in my case "C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\ITunes.exe")

3-Restart iTunes and Internet download manager and voila!

Note :

1- I am try to use other downloads manager but i fail to make them work with iTunes .
2-About resuming downloads in iTunes please check this iTunes resuming paused downloads

please if you have any idea to make other downloads manager download from iTunes please share your idea .

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Network and System Info

Network and System information tool .

A small tool that i create using Java programming language , nothing super just a windows  , and few labels that print data , with one button to exit .

I tested on my PC .

Linux :

Windows PC :

Mac OS :

Features :
*Detect operating system .
*Detect operating system architecture .
*Detect operating system version .
* Detect IP4/IP6 address .
*Detect Hostname .
* One file runs everywhere!